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Wampler pedals: plexi- drive. but the overall tone will be more dictated buy the quality of the clean channel of the amp you choose to use it with, and how well a particular pedal and amp synergize. i laid out the plexi- drive a long while ago, but i wanted to give this " marshall- in- a- box" circuit another go with perfboard board mounted pots and trimmers for those pesky j201 jfets. this is not one of the finer wampler pedals but it did inspire me to buy a marshall again so maybe it does feel right but it sounded a bit perfboard thin and very hard to dial it in. a new version, the plexi- drive deluxe, adds a more powerful eq section and a pre- gain boost control, expanding its range and making it easier to tune the pedal to suit different amps. the original unit uses a 470µ capacitor for power filtering, which seems like overkill to me.

no argument wampler plexi drive perfboard from me on that point. conjuring the tones of hallowed marshall heads from the ' 60s and early ' 70s, the wampler plexi drive is a solution for anyone trying to get that unmistakable bright, crunchy drive without spending thousands or lugging around a full stack. this can often be alleviated by simply lowering your pickups! but the pinnacle can cover more sonic ground and give you a bigger array of sounds, which is helpful if you’ re not sure what sounds you really like. british overdrive various vendors $ 200 us brian wampler indicates this pedal was inspired by the marshall “ plexi” jtm45 amp. wamplernplexi- drive deluxe v2 distortion/ overdrive the plexi- drive deluxe builds on the foundation of the original plexi- drive but with more control to shape your tone.

anyone here use both the plexi- drive and the hotwired pedals from wampler? milwaukee’ s new store hey all! the contestants i tried out were the catalinbread dirty little secret, the wampler plexi- drive, and the wampler pinnacle. the plexi- drive deluxe will fill your marshall void and give you perfboard the crunch, response, boost and feeling that your rig begs for. this after waiting a good time to get someone to get wampler plexi drive perfboard me the pedals to try. sorry for the sloppy diagram but i think it represents everything from the breadboard into my plexi- drive pedal.

the plexi- drive has a straightforward control scheme, and doesn' t take a great deal of time to understand, but there are some subtleties to how it works its magic that should be explained. for a man who is said to be never satisfied with his tone, the plexi- drive has stayed with him throughout and is still inspiring him year after year. no doubt the wampler pedals deliver and it all depends on what you are wanting to hear. wampler plexi- drive wampler plexi drive perfboard deluxe wampler plexi drive perfboard effects pedal the plexi- drive deluxe is a direct descendent of the wampler plexi drive perfboard plexi- drive standard but with a few upgraded features. i' m not sure if there is something i need to add or subtract wampler plexi drive perfboard around the joining of the two via the boost switch.

the wampler plexi- drive deluxe is an upgraded version of their original plexi- drive pedal. the bass boost toggle switch adds fat, full bottom end which is very useful in lower gain or lower volume ( bedroom practicing) applications. though my next wampler pedal is going to be the ecstacy- for the lighter od- my birthday is right around the corner and that is what i am getting!

page 1 " marshall® - in- a- box" pedal. this just in: the magic is back! like the original, the plexi- drive deluxe' s unique gain wampler plexi drive perfboard structure perfboard can take you from bluesy style 18- watt marshall tones to the all- out perfboard massive rock tones of a jtm- wampler plexi drive perfboard 45 cranked to ten, or even eleven. i' ve replaced that with a 100µ cap that should do the job just fine. i want to have a marshall- flavored pedal in my bag o' tricks, but not sure yet whether to cut the plexi- drive loose or keep working with it. the plexi- drive’ s unique gain structure is capable of running the tonal rock gamut. 118 results for wampler overdrive save wampler overdrive to get e- mail alerts and updates on your ebay feed. wampler plexi- drive british deluxe overdrive features:.

the older 5 knob version is hands down more versatile than a plexi drive. i am on a team that consists of carpenter, utility maintenance, electronic tech, electricians, painters, crane mechanics, heat and vent, plumbers, all that is needed to keep up the whole site here. the harder you drive ( for example) the sovereign or pinnacle ( which are mu- amp type circuits) circuit, the more compressed the signal can get and this can occasionally cause sag; especially with higher output pickups. here' s wampler' s plexi- drive, another marshall- in- a- box pedal.

sold a wampler black ' 65 and have a xotic ac comp on the way. to get the most out of your new pedal, you' ll want to become very familiar with the controls. and for $ 50 less for perfboard a smaller pedal ( i won' t ever use that boost side of the deluxe) i' m sticking to the standard plexi drive, wampler plexi drive perfboard which was what my first instinct was, but i overthought myself into the deluxe. wampler pedals limited warranty. wampler plexi drive perfboard wampler plexi- drive v2 british overdrive the plexi- drive v2, designed to help tone chasers produce the same guitar tones as legends like hendrix, zeppelin, cream, and ac/ dc. i played them through a bright sounding orange amp, with the volume set to 1, which was too loud for the store.

but i will have a pinnacle one day! the plexi- drive deluxe is a direct descendent of the plexi- drive standard but with a few upgraded features. i haven' t played with a plexi drive yet, so i couldn' t say which is better. wampler plexi drve deluxe pedal just bought the wampler plexi drive deluxe pedal and it is awesome! this is going to be wampler week.

thanks, i will catch that video too. the plexi- drive wampler plexi drive perfboard deluxe builds on the very popular plexi- drive, one of wampler pedals most successful pedals ever. btw, i love the wampler ecstasy perfboard and the xotic ep booster! no pedal can really capture the feel of playing through a large cab and a vintage plexi, but if you can' t afford the real thing ( or if it just isn' t practical for you), the wampler plexi drive definitely sounds authentic enough for the price. i' ll give you heads up now.

apparently the new model was a response to their existing customers’ requests for additional features to make the pedal more versatile – and boy have they delivered. built with pre and post gain channels, bright and bass accenting switches and a stacked three- band eq, the wampler plexi drive deluxe expands on its predecessor with improved tonal controls for an even wider expanse of overdrives. i am a heavy wampler plexi drive perfboard equipment wampler plexi drive perfboard operator for the boeing company at the corporate site for commercial airlines.

like the original, the plexi- drive deluxe’ wampler plexi drive perfboard s unique gain structure can cover everything from vintage ’ 68 style plexi tones to the all out massive rock tones of a jtm- 45® cranked to ten, or even eleven. back in, wampler pedals introduced the plexi- drive, a brit- bruiser- in- a- box that delivered much of the righteous grit of vintage plexis. martinsville, indiana ( febru) - - the plexi- drive deluxe, is a direct descendent of the plexi- drive standard but with a few upgraded features.

a new version, wampler plexi drive perfboard the plexi- drive deluxe, adds a more. the new version adds a great deal of flexibility with a 3- band active tone control circuit, and it also boasts a ts- style boost packaged into a single control. whether you are playing sold out shows or rocking out by yourself – the plexi- drive deluxe will take your tone and allow you to create your own flavor of rock! the higher the output of perfboard the pickup, the harder you drive the circuit. in the words of the maker brian wampler, this was designed to sound " sort of like a cross between a " marshall 18® " and a " jtm45® ", and those who have purchased the plexi- drive wampler plexi drive perfboard agree that it' s very accurate!

i have a wampler ecstasy ( aka- euphoria) and an xotic ep booster as well. there are a lot of marshall in a box pedals out there, and most of them will get you a great marshall sound. the unique gain structure can run the tonal gamut from bluesy style 18w marshall tones to the massive tones of a jtm- 45 cranked up high. from bluesy style 18- watt marshall tones to the all out massive rock tones of a jtm- 45 cranked to ten ( preferably 11), the plexi- drive can handle it all with ease. it is based upon brian’ s voodoo jfet transistor wampler plexi drive perfboard circuitry “ for authentic, tube- like response and tone”. buy now: gl/ efkwcw the wampler plexidrive is just the ticket for injecting some chunky, mid- heavy, jtm45- like rock tones into any amp. of course, i also love the wampler plexi- drive and the catalinbread dirty little secret – both are great marshall in a box pedals. wampler plexi drive perfboard the plexitone hi- gain imo has more of a modern crunchy edge with a great bottom end, as compared to the plexi drive ( jtm- 45ish) on the demos i' ve heard.

to this day, the plexi- drive is still one of wampler' s favorite pedals and is never far from brian’ s personal pedal board. aug by ben koshick. we have 1 instruction manual and user guide for plexi- drive deluxe wampler pedals.

it is now my go to overdrive pedal and i hace several different types, wampler plexi drive perfboard this thing gets you marshall overdriven tones on my ac 30 without blowing my ears off! unfollow wampler overdrive to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. haven' t tried the deluxe version, but i can only imagine it' s incredible as well. i have the plexi- drive but i' ve been looking at the hotwired.

with straightforward controls and perfboard a bass boost. i fell in love with the wampler euporia and oddman cavemen instead. the 3 band active eq, additional brightness control, and perfectly voiced pre- gain booster get almost any plexi tone from virtually any amp. so i now have the plexi drive ( standard) and the pinnacle ( standard) on my board.

wampler pedals plexi- drive deluxe instruction manuals and user guides. like the original, the plexi- drive deluxe unique gain structure can take you from bluesy style 18- watt marshall tones to the all out massive rock tones of a jtm- 45 cranked to ten, or even eleven. recent news milwaukee is getting a new store! i did not fall in love with one single sound so i sold it. we wanted to give everyone an update about what’ s happening at dave’ s guitar shop milwaukee. just bought the wampler plexi drive deluxe pedal and it is awesome! a dated sales receipt will establish coverage under this warranty. wampler offers a five ( 5) year warranty to the original purchaser wampler plexi drive perfboard that this wampler product will be perfboard free from defects in material and workmanship.

i like the plexi- drive, but i' m intrigued by the hotwired having two channels, one for a light overdrive and the other for a lead tone. like the original, the plexi- drive deluxe' s unique gain structure can cover everything from vintage ' 68 style plexi tones to the all out massive rock tones of a jtm- 45.

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